Join us for three days of experiential exercises with the Instincts, meditation, small group inquiry, morning movement, breathwork, community discussion and time to nourish yourself in nature.

This practice-based weekend retreat is hosted by Enneagram teachers Shari L Fox & John Luckovich and is based on his astounding new research in the field of the Instincts. On this all-inclusive program in the North Georgia Mountains we will explore the Self-Preservation, Sexual and Social Instincts in life and formal practice with brand-new insights drawn from psychology, biology and inner work.

Working with the instincts can change our relationship to our bodies, our partners, our careers, our family life, and our spiritual development.

Early pricing through September 20, 2017. Limited scholarships are available.

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{JANUARY 5-7, MARCH 23-25, MAY 12-14, SEPTEMBER 28-30}

Women need space. Be part of this luxurious weekend of yoga, meditation, laughter and a touch of deep soul work. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this personal discovery and yoga retreat is hosted by Soul Nourish’s Shari L Fox & FORM {yoga}‘s Mandy Roberts―yoginis, friends and soulful women leaders. We’ve woven our favorite life-changing tools to transform your every day. Come elevate the sacred. Witness moments of magic. You’ll leave this weekend of transformation feeling refreshed, inspired, empowered and connected.

Presence and mindfulness-based centering practices
Journaling + meditation + ritual women’s circles
Enneagram teachings + empowering inner work(play)shops
Energy healing + deep relax yoga
Seasonal wine tasting + woodland hiking trails
Encouraging yoga, sacred breath and welcoming community to support the real you

Your heart’s calling. Reserve your seat in the circle.

Come experience mystical Hawaiian traditions, yoga, soul work, and the magic of Maui island on a 7 day/6 night immersion retreat with your hosts—Soul Nourish Institute’s Shari L Fox, FORM {yoga}’s Mandy Roberts and Kula Yoga Shala’s Scott Feinberg. Live your transformation on this all-ages, all levels week of presence, healing, insight and play.

Beach walks, island sunsets and mountain views
Peaceful morning wake up practice + deep soul work 
Taoist meridian theory + Enneagram + mindful meditation
Vinyasa yoga and dance as a sweet and sweaty celebration
Sacred Hawaiian ceremonies + day trip to Hana
Time to relax, enjoy a massage and soak up the magic of Maui


“Wonderful, awe inspiring. This truly opened up a gateway to a part of me that I normally never see or let come out. I love that we can look deep inside & love one another as well as ourselves. Being present in the moment and drinking it all in…And I loved the tools and maps to help with the process!”Celeste, TN
“I have been to several retreats of this sort, but I’ve never come away feeling so full of HOPE, LOVE and EXCITEMENT as I do today.”Soul Nourish retreat participant
“My reason for coming to your retreat was to soften, nurture and reconnect to my spirit. It’s so easy to get caught up with so many responsibilities and expectations placed upon us. Unmanaged stress begins to harden around the heart and clouds one’s sense of self. I wanted my “self” back and your retreat reunited me with her once again. Your nourishing loving sweet energy reconnected my spirit to the softer sweeter side of life.”BeAnne, GA
“Beautiful space, beautiful feminine leadership and intention, soft wonderful circle of women. So much of what I needed: yoga, ‘presencing’ and meditation, free time, bodywork, nourishing food… The weekend was perfect. Love. Softening. Unfolding.”Soul Nourish retreat participant

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