YOU WANT TO KNOW what’s next on your personal and spiritual journey. I can help with that.

I give self-aware women (and men) practical tools to be clear, confident and present in their lives.  As a soul teacher, my role is to guide you along a map of true personal growth and give you a direct experience of knowledge that will change your life. That understanding is yours, forever.

I believe that most of us are ready for a change down to the soul level, but we’re unaware why what we’re doing is not working. Here’s the secret: Nothing works until you know what you’re working with. Tell me more…

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  • INSTINCTS + ENNEAGRAM RETREAT {November 17-19, 2017}

    On this all-inclusive program in the North Georgia Mountains we will explore the three Instincts with brand-new insights. Learn about the Self-Preservation, Sexual and Social Instincts and the Enneagram of Personality.

  • maui hawaii soul work enneagram yoga retreat shari l fox


    Come experience mystical Hawaiian traditions, yoga, soul work, and the magic of Maui island on a 7 day/6 night immersion retreat. Live your transformation on this all-ages, all levels week of presence, healing, insight and play.

  • AUTUMN WOMEN'S WEEKEND {October 6-8, 2017}

    We’ve woven our favorite life-changing tools to transform your every day. Come elevate the sacred. Witness moments of magic. You’ll leave this weekend in the North Georgia Mountians feeling refreshed, inspired, empowered and connected.